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"No Music, No Life;

       Know Music, Know Life!"

Dynamic, versatile, experienced five piece ‘Rock Blues’ Covers Band.

From Cold Chisel to Pink Floyd, Deep Purple to Queen, Boston to Stevie Ray Vaugh, the forgotten classics and many others, are brought to life with passion and flair by the very distinctive, unique HEADROOM Room approach.

  Mark   0407 143 276

facebook: HEAD ROOM

                                MEET THE BAND                               

Mark Le Gassick

Lead Guitar
Backing Vocals



Love my Strats, love playing guitar and love playing live, music is what I live for.

Most of all, Love this band!

David Eyers (D1)

Drums & Percussion
Backing Vocals



Plays Roland & Tama. Loves the power &

energy of driving the rhythm section. 

Craig Singleton

Lead Vocals Harmonica


Love singing Hard Rock and Blues with an edge.   And showing off the versatility in my vocal range.

David P Shortland (D2)

Piano & Keys 
Backing Vocals


When it comes to the Black & Whites, this is my life! Play everything, play everywhere and just "PLAY"!

  Casey Sullivan

Bass Guitar
Backing vocals


It's all about the

transformative  power of Rock'n'Roll.

     LET'S ROCK!     

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