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Lead Guitar 

Backing Vocals


Love my Strats, love playing guitar' I love playing live, I just love making music.

Most of all, I Love this band!

BBBC Photo 5.jpg

 Drums & Percussion

 Backing vocals

Plays Roland & Tama. Loves the power & energy of

driving the rhythm section. 

David (aka D1 or Spider) learned his chops playing firstly in brass bands, also playing percussion in his youth with a variety of youth orchestras and bands. 

Moving on to find the Blues & Pub Rock, his first band was called Blues Squad. He purchased his Tama Imperialstar kit which he still plays today!

David has played on the Sunshine Coast in bands including First Offence, Cranky Dogs, Best Shot & Defendants. Most recently, he joined with Mark to form Head Room, the pinnacle of a varied but extensive musical career to date


Mark Le Gassick

David Eyers

Blueys Easter_edited.jpg

Craig Singleton

Lead Vocal 

Harmonica /Percussion


Love singing Hard Rock and Blues with an edge.   And showing off the versatility in my vocal range.

At the age of eight Craig started learning piano. This was soon followed by trumpet and French Horn performing in Orchestra, Concert, Jazz and Big Bands; leading to singing & playing in Blues and Pub Rock bands for 30 years. As a professional musician with eclectic influences, vocal range & control, Craig is the perfect 'frontman' fit for   HEAD ROOM.


Casey Sullivan

Bass Guitar

Backing Vocals

Casey brings his own solid, ‘get-your-feet’ moving style of groove. A conglomeration of hallucinogenic, hard and classic rock with some sweet, funky overtones.

BBBC Case.jpg
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